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Sara Sayedi is a Ph.D. student working on combining expert opinions to assess risk of dangerous change in Earth systems (permafrost collapse, global wildfire, and water security). She earned a BS in environmental science at Isfahan University of Technology in Iran, and an M.S. at University of Tehran, where she specialized in environmental management. Her thesis was entitled "Modelling Hydrological Ecosystem Services for Different Land Use and Climate Change Scenarios". Sara’s research interests include ecosystem services, environmental changes, risk assessment, and environmental applications of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. In her spare time, she likes to paint, read novels, and cook different Persian foods. 


    Trevor Crandall is a Master's student working on water quality in the western US. He was born and raised in Provo, Utah. He graduated from Provo High in 2011 and then served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Santa Maria, Brazil mission. During his undergraduate degree at Utah Valley University, he majored in Business Management, minored in Biology, and also worked with the Division of Natural Resources and the Forest Service as a seasonal worker. His undergraduate research consisted of analyzing PCB and heavy metal concentrations in fish, water, and sediment from Utah Lake.
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  Rebecca Frei is a Seattle native studying Environmental Science and International Development, currently working on projects studying Arctic permafrost degradation and headwater catchment resilience. Becca would like to eventually discover and inform people how to make better, more sustainable land and water usage decisions to promote a healthier planet. She is currently the Abbott Lab Manager and is interested in biogeochemical processes and catchment ecohydrology. 

  Rachel Watts is an undergraduate in Environmental Science, born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is working as the assistant lab manager and has done field work in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Alaska, and throughout Utah.

  Sam Bratsman is majoring in Environmental Science and leading a project on the effects of tundra wildfire on water chemistry in northern Alaska. 

  Rhetta Shoemaker received a thorough education of the natural world while growing up in rural New Mexico. Her love of nature continued at BYU and during her mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tennessee. In her free time, she can often be found tending to too many houseplants, designing water-wise landscapes, developing sometimes successfully tasty vegetarian recipes, organizing everything but her bedroom, basking in Studio Ghibli films, and playing the guitar.
  Camila Vargas is from Bogotá, Colombia and she is majoring in Environmental Science. She has worked on soil analysis from areas occupied by the Mayas in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. She is planning to work on sustainable projects in developing countries that allow people to have access to clean water as well as clean energy. She likes learning about different cultures, watching international films, spending time in nature, trying new food and listening to music.

  Andrew Luymes is from Pasadena, California and is studying Environmental Science with a minor in International Strategy and Diplomacy. Andrew intends to pursue a Masters degree in water policy before contributing to the field of international water diplomacy. He is interested in fresh water resources that are shared between countries. Creating international management plans that are sustainable, economically enlarging, and socially beneficial. Andrew enjoys track and field, soccer, and Yosemite National Park.

  Jansen Howe is an undergraduate student in Environmental Science from Ephraim, UT. He is studying Environmental Science and Mathematics at BYU, and is currently involved in projects focusing on nonpoint pollution sources to Utah Lake and permafrost ecology. After graduating with his bachelor's degree from BYU, he would like to attend graduate school and specialize in water supply or hydrology. Jansen's hobbies are fishing, basketball, trying to play music, and riding horses.

Madeline Buhman
studies Environmental Science and English, and loves the intersection of people and the environment. With her background in writing and research, Madeline is interested in utilizing current scientific research to inform public policy and awareness . After graduating from BYU, she hopes to attend graduate school to further study human-environment interactions, and sustainable solutions for those interactions. Madeline loves  the mountains, good food, and learning, although not necessarily in that order.


Liz Peterson is from Cedar Hills, Utah. She studies Environmental Science and is pursuing a minor in creative writing. With these disciplines, she hopes to contribute to meaningful scientific work and explore art inspired by the environment. 


Leika Patch (pronounced lake- uh) is an undergraduate at BYU studying Environmental Science, and minoring in Philosophy. She enjoys climbing trees, hiking, hammocking, photography, eating cereal or popcorn, cooking, playing guitar, ukulele, piano, listening to music, reading, writing, and loves most anything relating to Japan. She hopes to continue to enjoy life everyday and help others do the same by having access to clean water through research and conservation.


Leslie Lange is an Environmental Science Major from Modesto, California. She loves to travel and experience different cultures. She has lived in Ecuador and Israel for an extended amount of time. She also enjoys hiking and listening to live music and is interested in studying the effects of waterborne pathogens on human health.


Isabella Errigo is an undergraduate student studying environmental science and international development. She is most interested in the relationship between people and their environment, and wants to continue to focus on ways to improve that relationship. Currently, she is leading a project to raise awareness of the poor air quality in Utah to promote more sustainable practices among the local community. After graduating, Isabella hopes to pursue a Ph.D. and J.D. to eventually work on researching, creating, and implementing effective international, environmental policies.  

    Zak Webber is from Payson, Utah and is a senior studying Molecular Biology at BYU. Zak is investigating phytoremediation techniques to improve water quality in the Navajo Nation. Upon graduation from BYU he hopes to enter Medical School and actively participate in research and service. Zak loves to trail run in his sandals, kayak, do things that make him sweat, play guitar, and bake. 
 Former lab members    
      Amanda Huebner was an environmental science undergrad in the Abbott lab from Los Angeles. She is currently a student at UC Davis, where she studies water security and chemistry. Her goal is to go to graduate school and pursue a degree in environmental policy that is informed by a scientific background. She is interested in ecohydrology and water conservation strategies.